What to Expect

 Retaining a lawyer requires a few key steps on your part to maximize efficiency before you sit down for an appointment.

  1. Be organized – prepare key details including a timeline (day by day details) of your case in writing and in a clear, logical and succinct fashion. Don’t assume your lawyer knows know who “Jim” is, and how he fits into the timeline.
  1. Prepare key documents to support your case details for a lawyer to review.
  1. Book an initial consultation (usually lasts one hour depending on your case).
  1. Be prepared to retain a lawyer to represent you going forward.
  1. Act quickly – be aware that if you have been served documents, you need to see a lawyer sooner rather than later in order to give your lawyer sufficient time to properly prepare your response prior to deadlines.
  1. Take notes during your time with your lawyer.

 Our office policy regarding billing and payments is as follows:


Please be sure to cancel or re-schedule any appointments within a 24-hour period. No-shows will be charged one half of the hourly rate of the lawyer scheduled for your appointment.


Our consultations are generally billed at an hourly rate.

Flat-rate fees are available for certain service areas such as real estate, incorporation and consensual divorce applications.

Additional charges for disbursements, photocopies, long distance calls, and administrative services may be applicable.

Goods and Services Tax is applicable on legal services, most disbursements and other charges.

Our time spent with clients, in court or conducting research and producing and filing documentation is all carefully and accurately recorded.

A list of all our activities are included on your invoice.

Payment is required upon invoicing, immediately after initial consultations, unless a retainer is paid.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, bank drafts or cash.


An appropriate retainer will be required if you choose Skaja Law to represent you.  We will hold the fees in trust and provide an accurate and detailed account of each activity we perform on your behalf.


Notary Public rates are $50.00 per document/signature, plus photocopies and GST.

Commissioner of Oaths rates are $30.00 per document/signature plus photocopies and GST.

Preparation or correction of documents will be billed at our hourly rate.

In the case of multiple documents, we will bill you for time at our hourly rate, versus a fee per document, if this is in your favour.

For more information about our office policies and procedures, please contact Skaja Law at 403-764-8554 or email 

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